Sanford Health and Dakota Hospital Foundation bring 3D mammography technology to Vermillion!

VERMILLION, S.D. — Sanford Vermillion has added new 3D mammogram capabilities, leading to earlier detection of breast cancer. This breakthrough FDA-approved technology captures multiple high-quality images at different angles, providing clearer pictures for radiologists. The technology also allows patients to receive advanced breast cancer screening close to home, instead of traveling several miles to the nearest facility with 3D mammogram technology.

The low-dose 3D mammogram allows physicians to detect breast cancer at its smallest and most treatable stage, pinpointing the shape, size and location of irregularities with greater accuracy.

“3D Mammograms allow for earlier detection, fewer tests and reduced anxiety for patients,” said Veronica Schmidt, senior director of Sanford Vermillion. “We’re grateful for the Dakota Hospital Foundation and the local donors who played a significant part in bringing this technology to Vermillion, ensuring all patients will receive the latest in preventative care close to home.”

Funding for the new 3D mammogram technology was made possible by the Dakota Hospital Foundation. Since its beginning in 1930, the Dakota Hospital Foundation has been dedicated to community health and wellness in the Vermillion area, in partnership with Sanford Vermillion Medical Center.

“We are committed to improving access to care for everyone in our area, and over the years our donors have helped bring a number of significant projects to fruition,” said Andy Howe, president of Dakota Hospital Foundation. “We’re proud to help bring 3D mammography to Sanford Vermillion, where we continue to advocate for the importance of breast cancer screening.”

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