2023 Sanford Vermillion Employee Idea Challenge Winners Announced

Dakota Hospital Foundation membership and fundraising dollars go to the work of the foundation’s mission, including he Employee Idea Challenge, awarding projects submitted by employees so the medical center and community can benefit from enhanced services.
To date, just under $300,000 have been allocated to that project alone since 2009. We are grateful for the on-going partnership with Sanford Vermillion and the impact it has on our community as a thriving medical center.

As a strong and vital part of the community, DHF and Sanford Vermillion Medical Center continue to search for new and innovative ways to serve our community, hence our request for proposals from those most intimate with our patients, residents, visitors, and staff - Sanford Vermillion Medical Center employees.

This year, we received four project submissions, three of which were awarded honorable mention. An Honorable Mention means to us that through partnering with Sanford Vermillion and/or with further project development, the projects will be further looked into, and feasibility evaluated.

Craig Sorensen, Sam Irwin, Brian Brown Plant Operations team (Honorable Mention)
- Stair Lift, Assisted Living
Paula Wright, Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation (Honorable Mention)
- Sara Stedy (sit to stand patient transfer aid)
Lisa McInerney, Kerry Wagner, Spencer Hurst, Hospital team (Honorable Mention)
- Hospital telephone upgrade

Margie Schissel, RN, Surgery (Winner)
- Warming blanket cabinet

Dakota Hospital Foundation is committing to fully fund both the Sara Stedy and the warming blanket cabinet. With Sanford Vermillion leadership, the board will assess the other two projects feasibility. As Margie stated in her proposal, a warming blanket is as good as chicken noodle soup! Thank you, Margie and the other employees for your submissions!