Dakota Hospital Foundation Awards $17,000 In Grants

The Dakota Hospital Foundation recently awarded a total of $17,000 in grants to four recipients.

The grants were presented to:

  • St. Agnes Catholic School — $5,000
  • Vermillion River Disc Golf, Inc- $5000
  • Vermillion Area Dance Organization - $5000
  • Boys & Girls Club of Vermillion - $2000

St. Agnes Catholic School

“St. Agnes School has again been blessed to receive a very generous grant from the Dakota Hospital Foundation. St. Agnes School recognizes that DHF benefits and helps many wonderful organizations around Vermillion, and we are grateful to be included in this prestigious group of organizations.  This grant allows us to continue our gym renovation, a project that will serve the community for years to come.”
- Amy Pohlson, St. Agnes Catholic School Principal
“Dakota Hospital Foundation is proud to contribute to the St. Agnes gym improvements this year. Those improvements match ideally with our mission dedicated to community health and wellness. Future generations of students will be positively impacted by this donation and the gift of this improved learning and recreation space. Congratulations to St. Agnes for their vision and seeking to create this space for their staff, students, and parishioners.”
- Dr. Damon Alvey, DHF Board Member

Pictured left to right: Jill Christopherson, SVMC and DHF Executive Assistant, John Prescott, DHF past president, Dr. Damon Alvey, DHF Board Member, Joni Freidel, DHF Board Member, Amy Pohlson, St. Agnes School Principal, Carrie Roerig, Kindergarten Teacher, Angie Haas, 2nd Grade Teacher, Natalie Johansen, 1st Grade Teacher, Nikki Bohnsack, Physical Education and Computer Teacher, Cindy Benzel, DHF Director.

Vermillion River Disc Golf Inc. (VRDG)

"Vermillion River Disc Golf is honored to accept this grant from Dakota Hospital Foundation. Their generosity will help ensure a high quality, attractive, disc golf course for Vermillion residents and visitors for generations to come. This gift will encourage families to go outdoors and enjoy a revitalized Cotton Park. Thank you!"
- Mike Phelan, VRDG Board Secretary

"Dakota Hospital Foundation is pleased to partner with Vermillion River Disc Golf, the City, and others to make this unique opportunity for a disc golf course to happen in Vermillion. This is an exciting opportunity to add an additional recreational offering for players of all levels to play disc golf in a setting unlike others. We look forward to the opening of the disc golf course and appreciate the work of Vermillion River Disc Golf to bring the idea forward and their work to make the course a reality!”
- John Prescott, DHF past President

Back row left to right: Lisa Ketcham, DHF Board Member, Veronica Schmidt, SVMC Senior Director, Dr. Damon Alvey, DHF Board Member, Paul Preister, DHF Secretary/Treasurer, Tom Overby, DHF Board Member, Charles Port, VRDG Treasurer, Ryan Eichelberg, VRDG Board Member, Bjorn Flanagan, VRDG President, Michael Watterson, VRDG Board Member.
Front row left to right: John Prescott, DHF past President, Jill Christopherson, SVMC and DHF Executive Assistant, Montana Jackson, VRDG Vice President.

Vermillion Area Dance Organization (VADO)

“We are so excited that VADO has this opportunity to bring Chair Yoga to seniors, people who use wheelchairs, and others, to give them the chance to move and feel better both physically and mentally.” Pam Ford, VADO Executive Director.
- Pam Ford, VADO Executive Director

“I am proud that VADO, with essential support from DHF, is providing this new wellness opportunity for the Vermillion community. Serving as a board member for both organizations, I know that dedication to the community and the prioritization of healthy living are central to both missions.”
- Joni Freidel, DHF Board Member

Pictured left to right: Michelle Hinseth, VADO Vice President and SVMC Representative, Veronica Schmidt, SVMC Senior Director, Katie Kassin, VADO Secretary, Julie Heine, DHF Board Member, Cindy Benzel, DHF Director, Lisa Ketcham, DHF Board Member, Adrienne Lewis, VADO Yoga Instructor, Pam Ford, VADO Executive Director, Andy Howe, DHF President, Paul Preister, DHF Secretary/Treasurer, Joni Freidel ,VADO past President and DHF Board Member, Dr. Damon Alvey, DHF Board Member, Marie Severson, VADO Board Member.

Boys & Girls Club of Vermillion

“We are extremely grateful for the support of Dakota Hospital Foundation and look forward to leading our Club members through more Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs through their generosity! Hands-on STEM activities will help our members continue to learn, experiment, and explore in fun and unique ways,”
- Savannah Wise, Boys & Girls Club of Vermillion, Executive Director

“DHF is excited to give continued support to The Boys & Girls Club of Vermillion which provides a program including safe, positive, and affordable care to school aged children in our community.   Providing funds to help with educational activities and supplies is a meaningful investment into children and their learning.  This type of support is what DHF is committed to doing in our community."
- Kelly Herbster, Board Member

Pictured left to right back row: Autumn Lammers, Club Program Director, Dr. Damon Alvey, Club and DHF Board Member, Rachel Olson, Club President, Dr. Jacob Quail, Club Vice President, Anna Colber, AmeriCorps VISTA, Lisa Ketcham, DHF Board Member, Rachel Franks, Club Education Director, Lana Svien, DHF Board Member, Savannah Wise, Club Executive Director, Kelly Herbster, DHF Board Member, Cindy Benzel, DHF Director, Joni Freidel, DHF Board Member, Tom Overby, DHF Board Member, Andy Howe, DHF Board President
Front row: Andrew Olson, William Olson, Margaret Olson, Club Members