Sanford Vermillion Medical Center is committed to providing the highest possible quality of care and pursuing the latest in technology to meet the needs of our patients.

Similar to our efforts in 2009 to expand our radiology services to include digital mammography, Dakota Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce our 3D Mammography campaign. DHF is committed to add low dose 3D mammogram screening services at Sanford Vermillion.

Now, it is easier than ever to stay on top of your breast health at Sanford Vermillion Medical Center. With a low dose 3D mammogram, our experts are able to detect breast cancer at its earliest and smallest stage. This breakthrough FDA-approved technology captures multiple high-quality images at different angles, delivering exceptionally sharp views of the breast. This provides a clearer picture for radiologists to evaluate the tissue, giving you:

- Earlier detection
- Fewer additional tests
- Reduced anxiety

Through the use of 3D mammography, women have a more accurate understanding of their breast health. This revolutionary screening method can pinpoint the size, shape and location of irregularities with greater accuracy, especially for women with dense breast tissue.

Your donation and support of our fundraising events throughout the year will help us bring this technology to our community. Click here to donate.

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